Rafał & Justyna's Wedding and Portrait Photography

We come from Poland and specialise in wedding and portrait photography. Having covered weddings in Poland, UK, France, Spain and Morocco, gave us insight into European, Asian and African ceremonies.

We belong to Fearless Photographers, an association of the world's 3000 boldest wedding photographers for couples who truly love photography.
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How it all began...

Rafał: In 2006 when I did a lot of travel photography, I received an enquiry about a photo I took in Cambridge at sunset. It was a local artist from Worcester in England who wanted to buy my photograph of the Queens College Chapel in order to do a painting based on it. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for his cousin who was getting married in that chapel. He asked me how much it was to use my photo for the painting. I didn't sell my work at that time and didn't even think that someone would ever be willing to buy my photographs! Slightly surprised, instead of money I asked for a copy of this painting. I felt that if somebody appreciated my skills, it was worth doing it. This is how my hobby in a way transformed into a photography business.

And this is the memorable photograph and its reproduction by A. Bordiss...

Can you trust us?

Justyna: We belong to Fearless Photographers, an association of the world's 3000 boldest wedding photographers for couples who truly love photography. In 2006 Rafał was approached by London's Saatchi Gallery who invited him to participate in their development, which assists artists in raising their profile. Photography has been our passion for years and our customers appreciate the work we did for them, recommend us and come back to us. You may notice the same faces in our wedding galleries and pregnancy studio shoots :) We now have extensive experience, regularly take part in photography fairs, workshops and continuously develop. 

How do you organise destination weddings?

We are based in Poland but as you see in our portfolio, we have covered weddings in London, Paris, Spain and Morocco. These couples either got married there or travelled just for the wedding shoot. Inexpensive flights make it really easy to choose outstanding locations in any country. Have you dreamt of having your wedding photographs taken on sandy beaches or on top of rocky mountains? We speak fluent English and can help with the overall organisation of the trip as well the choice of destinations.

How we work and what is covered

Regarding wedding packages, they all include meetings before and after the wedding day, travel, time spent with you during the ceremony and reception as well as individual post-processing of all your images, designing and printing your photo books. All photo books layouts are first agreed with you. If you don't want staged photos with fake smiles but capture the moments naturally - please take a look at our website and blog.

Should we plan a wedding shoot on location on a separate day?

It depends on you and traditions in your country. We can do shoot on location on the wedding day if it's not too far from the venue. However, if you wish to have more photographs taken in other locations e.g. mountains, lakes, beaches, we have an extra day on offer. In that case we will meet again a few days or weeks after your wedding to shoot in a number of locations of your choice. By daylight, at sunset and at night! Today's equipment allows us to work in extreme lighting conditions.

Why meet with us? 

During an informal meeting you will be able to see all products including photo books, albums, canvas prints, slideshows and watch a full wedding story shot by Rafał or Justyna in order to assess its quality and style as well as discuss your preferences. We will answer all your questions and adjust wedding packages to suit them to your needs. However, the most important thing is to meet your photographer in person!

When to book?

We receive a lot of wedding enquiries all year round, therefore it is advisable to email us a few months ahead in order to plan the wedding day, your preferences and sign the agreement.  

Thank you for watching our work.

Rafał & Justyna