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The Casket Cypher Becky Morel

The Casket Cypher

Becky Morel

ISBN : 9781425777869
240 pages
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 About the Book 

In the year 1536, Valry Lefvre dEtaples is left an orphan after her uncle dies. Queen Marguerite of Navarre, her patroness, finds the young woman a position as librarian to Baron Paul de Renard whose valuable collection of manuscripts and printed books needs to be inventoried and organized. When Valry arrives at the chateau, however, the baron is angry for he had expected a man, and instead was sent what he called a slip of a girl, barely out of the nursery, and one he does not guarantee he will keep. Valry resolves to prove to him her worth, but soon finds that her very life is in danger. The book, set in France against the backdrop of the French renaissance, the reformation, and the impact of the early printing press, weaves together a story filled with the tensions of the times, along with mystery and romance.