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The Fuck-Up Arthur Nersesian

The Fuck-Up

Arthur Nersesian

Published November 24th 2009
Kindle Edition
308 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Arthur Nersesians underground literary treasure is an unforgettable slice of gritty New York City life...and the darkly hilarious odyssey of an anonymous slacker. Hes a perennial couch-surfer, an aspiring writer searching for himself in spite of himself, and hes just trying to survive. But life has other things in store for the fuck-up. From being dumped by his girlfriend to getting fired for asking for a raise, from falling into a robbery to posing as a gay man to keep his job at a porno theater, the fuck-ups tragi-comedy is perfectly realized by Arthur Nersesian, who manages to create humor and suspense out of urban desperation. Read it and howl, says Bruce Benderson (author of User), and be glad it didnt happen to you.